About Us
We are an international team of digital, marketing and design professionals with a wide network of affiliates, associates and friendly entitties

This is who we are

Clarence Ling

Clarence Ling is an experienced Digital Marketer and Web Developer

He is involved with Kozin Real Estate, a prolific Malaysian Real Estate Agency, where he specialised in foreign sales of Australian property. He has well rounded knowledge of digital marketing systems and is also a web developer specialising in Joomla, but WordPress ready.

Media Director

Jerome Wong Media Director

Jerome Wong is an experienced Photographer & Videographer

He has over 23 years of experience in photography and videography. Jerome specialises in commercial photography/videography, servicing all kinds of businesses such as restaurants, real estate agencies and other companies. His work is quite prevalent in the city of Kuching, Malaysia - with many businesses and commercial entities using his photos and videos frequently. He is an excellent video editor as well.


Joseph James Programmer

Joseph James is an experienced Programmer

He was central to the Ncam app, which is a Perth driving app, an easy way to avoid road incidents and reduce your driving costs. Joseph is familiar with WordPress and a number of JavaScript Frameworks, in addition to his knowledge of building mobile apps. He has a fine eye for detail and is proficient in both front and back end web development.