Why we overhauled our website

The main website and blog on clarenceling.com has been running for a number of years now. However, our team identified a number of weaknesses:

  • No integrated portfolio page, clarenceling.com had an external link to classdigital.com.au (this site) with a separate portfolio Joomla Template. Our new, integrated portfolio is here
  • The clarenceling.com domain was not congruent for CLASS Digital Marketing. On branded organic searches, classdigital.com.au ranked higher despite being a single page portfolio. Conversely, clarenceling.com ranked really high for the search term, “Clarence Ling”, my name
  • Lack of community engagement in the clarenceling.com blog. There has almost always been a comments section on the clarenceling.com Blog. However, because of comment spam, we switched to Facebook Comments. That proved to be too high a barrier for visitors, so no one commented despite the system working.
  • We also felt that our website just needed a faced lift

Why we chose WordPress

We had great resistance to switch over to WordPress. The Hubspot Website Grader Score for this WordPress website is lower than the old Joomla one by 3 points. There was an urge to rebuild the classdigital.com.au website on Joomla. The reasons why we finally decided on WordPress are as follows:

  • Most clients want WordPress. Despite the technical superiority of Joomla in some respects, for example, easier multilingual capabilities, the market demands WordPress as a whole. It makes no sense building our primary business website on Joomla, and make it harder to demonstrate we do WordPress too. By no means we are abandoning Joomla, we are diversifying
  • The blog ecosystem of WordPress is stronger than Joomla. You can build a blog on Joomla, but WordPress started out as a blogging platform and had more robust blogging features out of the box. Akismet is still a market leader in spam detection
  • WordPress has greatly improved their blog writing interface, something like an improved version of Gutenberg. Joomla is lagging behind with a very dated text editor. Writing blog posts are much more flexible and simplified in WordPress at this moment
  • WordPress has a wider plugin environment.
  • We just couldn’t wait for Joomla 4. Joomla 4 is still in Alpha and although we are very excited for its arrival, it is not here yet and we needed to take action now

In case you did not know, we are a full service web design and digital marketing firm, see our primary services in this page.

What is the direction now?

This will eventually take over as the main blog for CLASS Digital Marketing. The clarenceling.com website may be converted to my personal blog at a later stage. We (our team) really like the new look and feel of this new website. There has been no compromise in aesthetics, and to be frank, your choice of Content Management System (CMS) greatly depends on your requirements. For example, despite WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify and so on being excellent CMS for their purpose and quirks, you would never use any of these to design landing pages in a serious manner unless you have significantly altered the CMS for that purpose. It would be much easier to use Leadpages, Unbounce or ClickFunnels.

We still specialise in Joomla, but we definitely can accommodate requests for WordPress. Having options is a lot better than being a one trick pony.

Finding Us

If you want to contact us (or myself, Clarence Ling, directly), you can use the icon on the bottom right, use this contact form or email: clarence@clarenceling.com


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