This is our website and project portfolio, covering our major undertakings
Social Media
We are social media marketers. We can implement social media advertising strategies to get accountable returns, raising brand awareness and converting sales
Web Development
We are very familiar with WordPress and Joomla, able to deliver simple to complex web projects in a timely manner. Our professionals have at least the basic stack of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL and more advanced stacks like React.
Graphic Design
We have in house graphic designers, designing creative and effective media and bringing out the best of your brand and business
Marketing Gurus
We partner with experienced and outstanding marketing professionals such as The Fishermen. Together, we simplify complex concepts and processes to explain in the simplest terms to your clients and customers and clinch that sale
Media Team
We have a team of photographers and videographers ready on call, able to shoot, edit and finalise media for our client's use with great storytelling
Digital Marketing
We have a host of digital marketing services available, all manner of Google Ads, cutting edge martech such as Link Ads, landing pages, sales funnels, chat bots, we keep abreast of technological developments
Growth Navigation Program
We are growth partners in this program, growing businesses with digital marketing in cells of 10 businesses with a maximum of 40 total businesses in the program
Private Blog Network
We swiftly and accurately deploy websites for a private blog network to boost SEO of target websites and businesses for a client who wishes to remain discreet
Google Ads Client Recruitment Campaign
We are currently actively recruiting potential clients who need Google Ads. If you go through the Growth Navigation Program by The Fishermen Business Navigators, you may be eligible for significant discounts
Training Friendly Digital Marketing Businesses
We actively train friendly startup businesses in digital marketing, sharing clients and resources including manpower, equipment and software