We offer discounted Google Ads services

We are a SEM Perth Specialist Business otherwise known as a PPC Perth Specialist Business. This means we specialise in pay-per-click advertising, especially Google Ads.

We provide comprehensive SEM Perth services, delivering Google Advertising to Perth businesses. CLASS Digital Marketing are familiar with most Google Ads such as Text Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads and so on on all platforms such as Desktop and Mobile.

We are having a Client Recruitment Campaign, where we are actively seeking Google Ads clients for CLASS Digital Marketing. There are attractive packages for new clients and deliver data driven PPC Perth results. We market exclusively for the Perth market and we have specialists who are certified by Google.

How would you know if Google Ads is right for you?

The clear advantage of Google Ads over any other online advertising, including newer advertising channels like social media advertising such as Facebook Ads, are statistics and forecasts. Google has a large inventory of data and we are able to forecast estimated costs and conversion rates with more accuracy than social media advertising in general.

How? By measuring keywords. Unlike social media advertising, Google Ads are based on the number of keyword searches, not vague interests like Facebook Ads. Detailed and targeted data is available and we will be able to estimate monthly ad spend costs sooner than most other digital channels.

Keyword Assessment Package

We offer a keyword assessment package for businesses who are unsure whether Google Ads are right for them and need a forecast. The research done to create this forecast will take a minimum of 5-6 hours and is based on understanding your business model and goals. We have a bonus package where we bundle SEO keyword mapping, which can map the direction of your website or blog months into the future with achievable outcomes. Here is an example of a Google Ads Forecast:

SEM Perth Forecast
Sample Google Ads Forecast

With a Google Ads forecast, you can plan budgets and expectations with fair accuracy.

We also provide SEO forecasts. To see a sample of such a forecast, please click the button below:

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Our keyword assessment package is as below:

Forecast TypeCost
SEM (Google Ads)$250AUD
SEO (Keyword Map)$250AUD

Multi-Buy Plan

We are offering a “Multi-Buy” of cells of up to 5 businesses. If you can convince other businesses to use our services, we will group you in a cell and provide you discounts. This rewards referrals and helps us keep up the quality of ongoing services, bringing accountable and measurable results reliably and consistently.

No. of BusinessesDiscountPercentage of Fees Paid After DiscountMinimum Total Cost for all BusinessesMinimum Cost Per Business

This system ensures the best value for SEM Perth services, creating stability and giving enough incentive to spend enough time on each account.

Our general Google Ads pricing structure can be summed below:

Payment Terms

  • Monthly minimum agency fee based on 15-20% of anticipated ad spend
  • Minimum monthly agency fee of $1,000AUD per month
  • Build Fee of 250% monthly minimum (first month)
  • 6 – 12 month engagement
  • 1 month opt out

Not inclusive of landing page building

Landing Page Building is priced at $50AUD per hour with an estimated maximum of $200AUD per page

We also offer this package to participants of the Growth Navigation Program by The Fishermen. CLASS Digital Marketing is a Growth Partner of this Program and we encourage you to go to an introductory session.

Please contact us on clarence@clarenceling.com or +61 413 665 375 for all enquiries. You may chat to us with the icon on the bottom right.

For information on our other services, please look here.


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